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"NCI is thrilled to welcome highly qualified Caption Masters graduates like Amanda Sutherland to its captioning team."

Karen Finkelstein, Former Manager, Realtime Captioning Services, National Captioning Institute

"Going to the CMS training this summer has really impacted me and given me the courage to move forward. There's so much to look forward to. I think a lot of excitement extends from just getting paid for doing something I love!"

Amanda Sutherland, Realtime Captioner.

Amanda Sutherland, Realtime Captioner
Lori Wanbaugh
, CRR-CBC, Caption Masters Series Instructor, Realtime Captioner
Darlene Parker, Supervisor, Realtime Captioning Services, National Captioning Institute
Karen Finkelstein, Former Manager, Realtime Captioning Services, National Captioning Institute


Disability Services for Students at the University of New Hampshire utilized CART services from EduCaption, Inc last semester and was very pleased entirely with our experience with the company.  The services were set up with ease on very short notice, the organization was professional and friendly to work with, and the hard-of-hearing student who received CART services was very pleased with the quality of the captioning.  The entire class benefited from the transcribed lectures which were also posted for their use in an effort to promote universal design in this course.  We would certainly work with EduCaption, Inc. again for these services! 

Michele Alexander, Disability Services for Students

Just when you have it all together... you attend a Caption Masters Workshop and realize you've only just begun. I began captioning in 1989! I did not expect the excitement you've injected back into what can be a very monotonous job. My only regret was that I didn't have this program 15 years ago with a refresher every 5 years to keep up with technology, new ideas for writing styles, and new programming on the market. The manual alone is priceless! Your QC evaluations really made me take the time to ask the "why's" of misstrokes as well as clean strokes, then catapulting me on to an even cleaner and easier way to write. I'm in awe of the level I can move my captioning to now.

    Donna French, KS
That was by far the best workshop I have ever attended. There is no way to describe it until you experience it. I have a totally new perspective now. The hands-on nature of everything we did really puts it in perspective.

    Heather Rutler, KS  

THANKS again for doing a great job of customer service and going the extra mile.

Karen Green, M.A., Deaf and Hard of Hearing Student Services
I was totally impressed with the amount of expertise the instructors have. Their skill, dedication, passion and enthusiasm is contagious!

    Josie Carrillo, CA  

"Caption Masters is the best training program available for reporters transitioning into the field of broadcast captioning. The instructors (Judy Brentano, Heidi Thomas, and Lori Wanbaugh) are all experienced, knowledgeable captioners and considered by many to be the top in their field. The program is comprehensive and covers all areas of study needed to begin a career in realtime captioning. If you're studying for the CBC or CCP, you will definitely benefit from this program. If you want to learn the ins and outs of captioning from the best, this is the program for you. I have worked with CM graduates and I found them to be prepared, knowledgable, and qualified. I highly recommend and endorse the Caption Masters series program. CM is the best training program available anywhere!

    Alan Peacock, CSR, RMR, CRR, CBC. Caption IT! Mobile, AL